Proxy (Staged Reading)           Vanessa              Underscore Theatre                  d. Allison Heintz
Medea in the Underworld*        Five                 Northwestern University             d. Zoe Johnson, self
Macbeth                                     Macduff            Northwestern University            d. Helena Scholz-Carlson
Robin’s Hood*                           Tuck                 Northwestern University             d. Meredith Shadle
Love’s Labor’s Lost                   Jacquenetta       Prague Shakespeare Company    d. Kristine Ayers
Two Gentlemen of Verona         Valentine          Prague Shakespeare Company    d. Katie Steele-Brokaw
Last Exit                                     Lisa                  Northwestern University              d. Zach Barr
Burial at Thebes                         Tiresias            Northwestern University              d. Lee Conrads
Don’t Stop Me*                          Grace                YMTC Bay Area                         d. Jennifer Boesing
Handless*                                   Millie Candle   Ragged Wing Ensemble              d. Amy Sass
Brundibar/                                  Ensemble         Berkeley Reparatory Theatre       d. Tony Taccone
Comedy on the Bridge


Northwestern University Class of 2018

                         BA in Theatre and Gender & Sexuality Studies

Acting: David Catlin, Mary Poole, Gail Shapiro

Movement and Dance: Tommy Rapley, Amanda Lower

Voice: Linda Gates, Sandra Marquez

Directing: Katherine Walsh, Gina Marie Hayes

Prague Shakespeare Company Summer Training Intensive

            Baroque Dance, Acting, Clowning, Stage Combat, OP, Folio


Movement/ Dance | modern dance, stage combat (dagger, broadsword, unarmed), burlesque, devising,  


Language/ Dialect | RP, cockney, and southern dialects; fluent in French;  IPA literate

         Music | basic guitar and ukulele, sight-singing, classically trained soprano

 Visual Art | drawing, watercolor, photography

Technical Theatre | directing, costume design, intimacy direction (resume upon request)

     General | driver’s license, sewing, works well with children and animals, can touch tongue to 


For directing, design, and professional resume, please feel free to get in touch!